Rag Rug Part 1: Cutting your T-shirts

If you want to make a rag rug like the one I showed you last week, your first step is to cut your fabric (I’m using old T-shirts) into inch-wide strips. My favorite way to do it, and the way I’ve been using for my rag rug, is to cut each T-shirt into a long continuous strip (using the method I’m about to show you), wind it into a ball, and then cut pieces of the length I want as I go. It gives me a bit more flexibility with length, so my colors look more random.IMG_20180406_114958794.jpg

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Take your T-shirt and spread it out flat on a table or the floor, so that there aren’t any big creases or bumps.IMG_20180406_114001313.jpg
  2. Using fabric scissors, cut off the bottom hem. Be careful – the back hem might be higher than the front. Make sure you get both!IMG_20180406_114101074.jpg
  3. Make straight cuts about an inch apart all the way up the T-shirt. Cut through both layers of fabric, but DON’T go all the way to the other side of the shirt – stop an inch or two from the side.  Your T-shirt should stay in one piece, like if you were making fringe, not be cut into lots of separate loops. IMG_20180406_114201645.jpg
  4. When you get to the bottom of the sleeves, make a straight cut across the whole shirt to get the body alone.IMG_20180406_114426483.jpg
  5. Open up the shirt so that it looks a bit like a ribcage. (This step was hard to photograph…) IMG_20180406_114513900.jpg
  6. Starting at the bottom, right in the middle of the solid section, make a diagonal cut to free up one end of the strip. IMG_20180406_114653883.jpg
  7. Make parallel diagonal cuts to connect the slits on each side of the solid section. Keep going until you reach the end!IMG_20180406_114705065.jpgIMG_20180406_114729898_HDR.jpgWhen you reach the top and make your last cut, you should have one long strip of fabric. Wind it into a ball and get started on the next one!IMG_20180406_114943200.jpg

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