STEM with Straws


In my problem solving class, we spend some time each week working on a recurring project – building stable towers with drinking straws. The initial goal is to get a golf ball to a height of one foot. No tape, no string, no glue – just straws.


My class of sixth graders has done super well with this over the last few weeks – one team got the golf ball a yard in the air, and then decided to just go for height. It’s taller than most of the students now…

Wishing you all a happy Friday!

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Millennial math teacher with a crafting problem. I've never met a new skill that I didn't want to learn - everything from cactus cakes to paper flowers, dying yarn to sewing dresses, churning butter to making shoes. (Still working on that last one). My adventures are sometimes successful, often wacky, and always challenging. Stick around for step-by-steps, helpful resources, book reviews and exciting narration, suitable for beginners and experts alike.

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