The Slow Way (But The Right Way)

Well, we have a complete restart on the dresses from this post. One day, I think, I might actually learn that taking shortcuts and winging things never, ever, ever works out as well as I would like. The dresses were working, but looked a bit homemade and unprofessional… *sigh*. So, back to the beginning, doing it right this time. It’s slooooooow going, but that’s ok.


The problem that I ran into was failing to account for the pleats in this chiffon. (My plan would have worked perfectly for regular chiffon, I swear…) I tried to bulldoze through it, but nope. So, new plan – now I’m using a wrap dress pattern designed for stretch fabrics, and lining the chiffon with a stretchy cream cotton jersey, instead of making a separate underdress. I’m cutting each dress piece individually (with a layer of jersey and a layer of chiffon), using a rotary cutter and pattern weights instead of scissors and pins, and hand-basting all the edges before picking anything up.

It takes quite a lot of time, so I’ve only done one piece – eeek! – but I have it up on the new dress form, and it’s already looking much, much better.IMG_20180419_072838042.jpg

Now off to tackle the other half of this front. I’ll keep you updated!

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Millennial math teacher with a crafting problem. I've never met a new skill that I didn't want to learn - everything from cactus cakes to paper flowers, dying yarn to sewing dresses, churning butter to making shoes. (Still working on that last one). My adventures are sometimes successful, often wacky, and always challenging. Stick around for step-by-steps, helpful resources, book reviews and exciting narration, suitable for beginners and experts alike.

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