Me And My Dremel

So happy tooooooogether….


For some reason, I’ve wanted a Dremel since I was about 12. No clue why, but apparently it just sounded cool to me. Some recent projects finally gave me a good excuse to get one, and I’m in love. (This isn’t a sponsored post, I swear.)

I went with the Dremel 200 because I wanted a corded drill (and because it was one of the cheaper options). Note – the drill bits and the collets that let you actually attach the bits are sold separately. I had to make several trips to the store to get it up and going.

I’ve been using it a ton this week to work on various projects for our new shop, The Discerning Gnome. I’ve been making polyhedral dice bracelets like the ones I showed you last week:


And most recently, I’ve been drilling and embroidering to make these super cool string art notebooks. I’m crazy about these! (A tutorial for these might be coming soon… Stay tuned!)



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Millennial math teacher with a crafting problem. I've never met a new skill that I didn't want to learn - everything from cactus cakes to paper flowers, dying yarn to sewing dresses, churning butter to making shoes. (Still working on that last one). My adventures are sometimes successful, often wacky, and always challenging. Stick around for step-by-steps, helpful resources, book reviews and exciting narration, suitable for beginners and experts alike.

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