The Slow Way (But The Right Way)

Well, we have a complete restart on the dresses from this post. One day, I think, I might actually learn that taking shortcuts and winging things never, ever, ever works out as well as I would like. The dresses were working, but looked a bit homemade and unprofessional… *sigh*. So, back to the beginning, doing it right this time. It’s slooooooow going, but that’s ok.


The problem that I ran into was failing to account for the pleats in this chiffon. (My plan would have worked perfectly for regular chiffon, I swear…) I tried to bulldoze through it, but nope. So, new plan – now I’m using a wrap dress pattern designed for stretch fabrics, and lining the chiffon with a stretchy cream cotton jersey, instead of making a separate underdress. I’m cutting each dress piece individually (with a layer of jersey and a layer of chiffon), using a rotary cutter and pattern weights instead of scissors and pins, and hand-basting all the edges before picking anything up.

It takes quite a lot of time, so I’ve only done one piece – eeek! – but I have it up on the new dress form, and it’s already looking much, much better.IMG_20180419_072838042.jpg

Now off to tackle the other half of this front. I’ll keep you updated!

Dress Form Set Up

My slightly-creepy body double came in the mail earlier this week:

IMG_20180417_200227714_LL.jpgI’ve gotten pretty well used to her now, but I jumped the first few times I looked up!

I’ve been wanting an adjustable dress form for a while now – my homemade paper tape version is a bit too lopsided and lumpy for accurate fitting – and I finally settled on the Dritz Sew You.


After a prolonged battle with getting the torso onto the stand (pro tip – extend the stand up first), I was able to    Continue reading Dress Form Set Up

This Week’s Project: Patterns and Dresses


This week I’ve been doing a lot of measuring and pinning and cutting to get these dresses started. Sewing will happen soon, but since this part is my least favorite, I figured I’d better get all the pieces ready to go – then I can sit down at my serger and sewing machine and happily put everything together!

Although I don’t Continue reading This Week’s Project: Patterns and Dresses