STEM with Straws


In my problem solving class, we spend some time each week working on a recurring project – building stable towers with drinking straws. The initial goal is to get a golf ball to a height of one foot. No tape, no string, no glue – just straws.


My class of sixth graders has done super well with this over the last few weeks – one team got the golf ball a yard in the air, and then decided to just go for height. It’s taller than most of the students now…

Wishing you all a happy Friday!

Slide-Together Spheres


These are hanging above my desk right now, and they make me so so so happy.

I use slide-togethers like this as a puzzle for my students, often in a problem-solving class that I teach.


But all but one of these I made myself… They’re just fun!

You can find printable templates for these here. Both this site and the original creator of the puzzle leave the instructions intentionally vague, so I won’t get too specific either – you really do have to just puzzle it out!


A few tips:

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