This Week’s Project: Rag Rug

Here’s what I’ve been working on recently.


I’ve been working on a t-shirt rag rug project for a couple years ago, but a change of method a few weeks ago, and a total restart, has sped things up a lot – the progress I’ve made in the last two weeks is twice as much as I made before.

I originally started this project braiding t-shirt strips and then sewing them together with doubled thread, but I really struggled to keep the rug flat. Plus, it was pretty slow going, and I was worried that the thread wouldn’t stand up to actually being walked on a lot.

(Blurry bonus cat for scale.)


So, a bit more research later, I found a more traditional method. It uses a four strand interlocking braid, so the t-shirt strips get braided right onto the rug. Much faster!

I’ll be doing a tutorial for this soon. Collect your t-shirts!